Carey Mulligan gets nervous on the red carpet

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The Sexy Carey Mulligan

The Sexy Carey Mulligan

Sexy Carey Mulligan always cries on the red carpet. The actress admits she is apprehensive of attending the Academy Awards ceremony – at which she is nominated for Best Actress for her role in “An Education” – because she hates having her photograph taken. She said: “I find it quite difficult. I’m not very good at getting my picture taken so I get quite teary when the flashbulbs are going off. I feel a little bit uncomfortable. “I’ll get used to it more with my next movie coming out, but I don’t really like that side of things.” Although she feels uncomfortable walking the red carpet, Carey always tries to enjoy herself at awards shows and always feels more relaxed once she is dressed and ready. Good look to her tonight.

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Sexy Anne Hathaway makes friends easily

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The Sexy Anne Hathaway

Super hot actress Anne Hathaway finds it easy to make friends on movie sets. The talented actress, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role in ‘Rachel Getting Married‘ in 2009, always likes to strike up a friendship with her co-stars, and owes her career to finding many of her pals. She said: “I’m very friendly with everyone. One of my closest friends is Emily Blunt, who I met on the set of ‘The Devil Wears Prada.’ “We instantly hit it off and have become really close. She’s just about my best friend. Anne’s latest role as the White Queen in Tim Burton’sAlice in Wonderland‘, Anne says it was a delight to work on the movie.  She said: “I started watching Tim Burton films when I was a child, so to show up every day and work with him and Johnny Depp was amazing. The whole experience for me was a dream come true.”

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Poor Madonna dumped by Jesus Luz

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Madonna Naked

Madonna Naked

Cougar Madonna has reportedly split from Jesus Luz.  The 51-year-old star is said to have been dumped by the 23-year-old Brazilian model – who she has been dating for over a year – because their massive age gap left them with little in common. A source told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper: “The problem is as simple as it is obvious – it’s the age difference. How long could it last? How it even lasted a year seems a miracle to a lot of people. “They are in such different places in their lives. They both benefited, but it’s pretty much over now.” The split was said to be amicable, with the ‘4 Minutes’ singer – who raises four children, 13-year-old Lourdes, Rocco, nine, Mercy, five, and four-year-old David – agreeing it was time to call an end to their 13-month relationship. The source added: Madonna “told me, ‘We’ve just run out of things to talk about. We have Kabbalah, but that’s about it. It’s really pushing it for us to have common ground these days.’ ” Madonna’s representative had no comment to make Tuesday night. The news comes just days after Jesus was pictured frolicking with three bikini-clad young women in Brazil. He is having fun already without her. Click Here to see naked pictures and videos of Madonna.

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Guy Ritchie says Madonna good actress

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Madonna Nude

Madonna Nude

Guy Ritchie thinks Madonna is a good actress. The ‘Sherlock Holmes‘ director, who divorced the ‘4 Minutes‘ singer after nearly eight years of marriage in 2008, claims her acting talents are unfairly written off because people struggle to imagine her as anything other than a pop superstar. He said: “If you ask me, I think she’s all right. I think she’s perfectly good. I just don’t think people can get her persona out of the way.” Guy directed Madonna in the straight-to-DVD movie ‘Swept Away‘ in 2002, and despite the movie being blasted by critics, insists he is proud of the work they did together.  “The whole thing is supposed to be ironic. It’s about a man that hits a woman. If you ask me, everything about it was rather interesting, but it was such a feral relationship between a man and woman.”  Despite public perception of Madonna, she won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Eva Peron in ‘Evita‘. Click Here for nude pictures and videos.

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