Meryl Streep wins Golden Globe

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Meryl Streep Nude

Meryl Streep Nude

Meryl Streep poses with the award for best actress for “Julie and Julia” backstage at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, in Beverly Hills. Not a lot of acceptance speeches begin that way, but Meryl Streep’s did at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, after she won for best actress in a comedy or musical for “Julie & Julia.” Thus she kicked off a classy speech that rambled in the best possible manner, incorporating gratitude, humility and perspective along the way. (Note: In case you were wondering, Golden Globes producers did not play Meryl Streep off the stage after she went on for a bit longer. Click Here to see Meryl Streep Naked pictures and videos.

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David Beckam fights with paparazzi

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David Beckham’s bodyguards allegedly attacked a paparazzi following his family.

The soccer star, his wife Victoria and their three sons, were involved in an altercation with Emicles DaMata.

The bodyguards intervened, allegedly pulling the photographer out of his car, wrestling him to the ground, handcuffing and dragging him along the road.

Then they reportedly grabbed DaMata’s camera and threw it in a nearby trash can.

DaMata said he would be speaking to his lawyers about the incident, which took place in Beverly Hills.
Once the bodyguards and the paparazzi started fighting David ran back to the car and he and Victoria drove off.”
This is very serious stuff and the Beverly Hills police are looking into this altercation between the photographer, the Beckams and the bodyguards. Sounds like a made for TV move. Stay tuned for more information.

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