Tiger Woods driven to rehab by sex addiction

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Rachel Uchitel Naked

Rachel Uchitel Naked

Rumors are swirling in Wickenburg, Arizona that golfer Tiger Woods is coming to town for a stint in one of its rehabilitation centers.

Several media and Internet outlets speculate that Woods could be seeking help for drug or sex addiction. He’s taking a break from golf to rebuild a personal and professional life hurt by reports – and his own words – suggesting he had affairs.

Wickenburg has several rehab centers, and they do not disclose client names. Woods has not said he is seeking treatment.

Wonder which mistress will help Tiger through rehab.

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Holly Sampson rocks Tiger Woods’ World

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Holly Sampson nude

Holly Sampson nude

Porn star Holly Sampson — alleged mistress — talked openly about allegedly bedding sexy golfer Tiger Woods on an adult website called Naughty America back in May. One of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses was already bragging about hooking up with the golfer way before Tiger crashed his SUV into that tree — and the admission was all caught on tape.
Nobody believed it back then — but that was before Tiger admitted his “transgressions.”
Poor Elin, someone get her a good divorce lawyer quick. Who would of thought that Tiger, always portrayed as the consumate athlete, perfect husband and father could stoop so low. Is he a sex addict? He just can’t stop himself. Will Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew be able to help him come to terms with his sexual addictions. Click here to see the latest Holly Samnpson videos and nude pictures

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