Sexy Catherine Zeta-Jones needs to look good for Pitt, Clooney

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Naked

Catherine Zeta-Jones Naked

Hot actress Catherine Zeta-Jones was too embarrassed to let Brad Pitt see her without make-up. The horror of it all. Catherine is married to actor Michael Douglas and always gets along with her male co-stars, including ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ actors Brad Pitt and George Clooney, but wishes she could have more privacy on set. She said: “They’re just cool guys. I was brought up with five brothers so as girly as I was, you just have to go with the guys sometimes. But the worst thing is when you’re really tired and you think of the solace of a make-up room. “Sitting next to Brad and George when you look like you-know-what, it’s not nice at six in the morning. I don’t think any woman should have to do it.” “I’ve been lucky to work with Antonio Banderas in ‘The Mask of Zorro‘, with Brad Pitt, with George Clooney – and I get to sleep with Michael Douglas every night!” Lucky girl, she has it all.

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