Nicole Scherzinger on Dancing With The Stars

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Nicole Scherzinger nude

Nicole Scherzinger nude

“Dude, seriously? It’s day two, and look at my heel,” said sexy Pussycat Dolls star Nicole Scherzinger, who is also a new Dancing With The Stars competitor, when she stopped by the MTV News studios Wednesday. Nicole pulled off a shoe to reveal an ugly deep, red cut. “It’s ugly. Look at that. My feet are so beat up, after just a couple days of rehearsals, and I’m not used to these shoes. Sure, I’m used to wearing 7-inch heels with the Pussycat Dolls, but this is a different style of dancing and a ballroom shoe are a killer.” I have been paired with Derek Hough, and as soon as I can get some personality in that guy and some charisma, then I think we can go far,” she teased. “Derek and I are pretty crazy. We’re probably the goofiest cats ever. We were electric from the start.” But she’s got a lot to learn, she admits. “The first dance that we’ve been assigned is the Viennese waltz. I just learned how to say that properly — I’ve been calling it the Vietnamese waltz.

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