Pamela Anderson on Dancing With The Stars

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Pamela Anderson Naked

Pamela Anderson Naked

Sexy Pamela Anderson doesn’t want to lose her “mojo” to a man because she doesn’t want it to affect her dancing. The former ‘Baywatch’ beauty is currently appearing on TV’s ‘Dancing With The Stars‘ – is “fairly single” and is determined not to get caught up in a heavy relationship while she’s competing on the program, because she wants to give her dance routines her all. She said: “I’m fairly single, but I’m not on the lookout. I’m not going to give away my mojo – I’m going to keep all that just for the dance and my dance partner!” The 42-year-old blond is looking forward to wearing a host of daring and glitzy outfits for her performances and hopes her strenuous rehearsals will help her shape up. Dancing really works your body all over, so it’s different from going to the gym – which I don’t do! This is the only way I’m going to get round to working out, because I’ll have to do it.” Good luck to Pam with her dancing.

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Nicole Scherzinger on Dancing With The Stars

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Nicole Scherzinger nude

Nicole Scherzinger nude

“Dude, seriously? It’s day two, and look at my heel,” said sexy Pussycat Dolls star Nicole Scherzinger, who is also a new Dancing With The Stars competitor, when she stopped by the MTV News studios Wednesday. Nicole pulled off a shoe to reveal an ugly deep, red cut. “It’s ugly. Look at that. My feet are so beat up, after just a couple days of rehearsals, and I’m not used to these shoes. Sure, I’m used to wearing 7-inch heels with the Pussycat Dolls, but this is a different style of dancing and a ballroom shoe are a killer.” I have been paired with Derek Hough, and as soon as I can get some personality in that guy and some charisma, then I think we can go far,” she teased. “Derek and I are pretty crazy. We’re probably the goofiest cats ever. We were electric from the start.” But she’s got a lot to learn, she admits. “The first dance that we’ve been assigned is the Viennese waltz. I just learned how to say that properly — I’ve been calling it the Vietnamese waltz.

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Cameron Diaz wowed by ‘A-Rod’

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Cameron Diaz Naked

Cameron Diaz Naked

Beautiful Cameron Diaz was seen “grinding” on Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez at a party on Saturday night. The ‘My Sister’s Keeper‘ actress and the baseball player were at the CAA Party in Miami and began flirting with each other. The New York Yankees player was sitting on a couch beside Cameron as she “was dancing by herself” before moving her gyrating body towards him. At one point the blond beauty – who was “tipsy” and being very “fun and flirty” – began “grinding on ‘A-Rod'”. The 37-year-old actress also partied with friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the bash, and was seen in between the two chatting when she wasn’t hanging out with the hunky sportsman. A fellow reveler told OK! magazine: “Katie and Cameron were getting along great. They were having a great time.” Hunky Alex, 34, has been single since splitting from actress Kate Hudson in December.   ameron has previously dated a host of famous men including Maroon 5 star Adam Levine, musician John Mayer and British model Paul Sculfor. How yummy. Click Here to see naked pictures and videos of Cameron.

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Britney Spears looking hot

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A toned Britney Spears is singing and dancing on stage every night. She may look hot, she but feels like a time bomb waiting to explode. She’s is still using pills to supress her appetite, she can’t sleep and is jumpy all the time. How long can she continue on like this? Even though she is feeling much better since her mental break down, the abuse has taken its took toll on her.  Now she is obsessed with her weight and figure and most nights goes to bed hungry and is desperate to do anything to keep her weight down. She now even hits the gym everyday wanting to lose those last 10lbs.

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