Pamela Anderson on Dancing With The Stars

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Pamela Anderson Naked

Pamela Anderson Naked

Sexy Pamela Anderson doesn’t want to lose her “mojo” to a man because she doesn’t want it to affect her dancing. The former ‘Baywatch’ beauty is currently appearing on TV’s ‘Dancing With The Stars‘ – is “fairly single” and is determined not to get caught up in a heavy relationship while she’s competing on the program, because she wants to give her dance routines her all. She said: “I’m fairly single, but I’m not on the lookout. I’m not going to give away my mojo – I’m going to keep all that just for the dance and my dance partner!” The 42-year-old blond is looking forward to wearing a host of daring and glitzy outfits for her performances and hopes her strenuous rehearsals will help her shape up. Dancing really works your body all over, so it’s different from going to the gym – which I don’t do! This is the only way I’m going to get round to working out, because I’ll have to do it.” Good luck to Pam with her dancing.

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Sexy Lindsey Vonn to appear on TV show

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Lindsey Vonn Naked

Lindsey Vonn Naked

Super hot Lindsey Vonn is going from awesome Olympic gold medalist to “Law & Order” TV actress.

NBC and series creator Dick Wolf said Wednesday that Lindsey will appear in the crime drama’s finale as a woman who provides an important clue in a case involving a terrorist. Her scene will be shot April 9 in New York.

The skier, who won a gold and bronze medal in the Winter Olympics, has called “Law & Order” her favorite TV show and said during the games she had been invited to appear on the drama. Go Lindsey.

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Sexy Blake Lively has shoe fetish

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The Super Sexy Blake Lively

The Super Sexy Blake Lively

The ‘Gossip Girl’  Blake Lively has bought nearly 300 pairs of shoes in 18 months. The actress admits she can’t resist splashing out on her favorite accessory and has an entire wardrobe just for storing her footwear. She admitted: “I have an entire walk-in closet dedicated to shoes. I think I have maybe 300 pairs. They’re beautiful.  “I’ve only got four pairs of old shoes – the rest are all pairs I’ve gotten since I’ve been living in New York for the past year and a half.” Despite her huge assortment of shoes, Blake insists she has little time to shop and relies on getting other people to hunt down the things she likes. She explained: “I don’t have time to shop so much, so the best place that I find to shop is the fitting room on ‘Gossip Girl’. “I go in, take pictures on my camera phone and then email them off to the personal shoppers at stores and say, ‘Find me this.’ ” She is so spoiled, not everyone can be so lucky.

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Christina Hendricks tired of talking about sexy figure

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Christina Hendricks Nude

Christina Hendricks Nude

When it comes to “Mad Men” voluptuous actress Christina Hendricks, the conversation inevitably turns to the 34-year-old’s curves, and she recently told New York Magazine that it, well, embarrasses her a bit. “Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious,” Hendricks explained. “I was working my butt off on the show, and then all anyone was talking about was my body! The talk escalated in January when the New York Times ran a quote from a stylist who called Hendricks “big,” which perhaps by Hollywood standards she is. It might sound silly, but I didn’t realize I was so different. I was just oblivious. Sometimes I would go on an audition and someone would say something like, ‘Girl, you’re refreshing!’ That was it,” she said. Regardless of whether or not she’s truly an entertainment anomaly, Hendricks would appreciate it if the conversation could turn away from her cup size and focus more on her acting.

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Sexy Catherine Zeta-Jones named ‘Worst Dressed’ by Peta

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Nude

Catherine Zeta-Jones Nude

Hottie Catherine Zeta-Jones has been named Worst Dressed Celebrity. I happen to think that she dresses like a dream, elegantly and sexy. The actress topped an annual list compiled by animal welfare organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) because of her “fetish for wearing anything that once moved”. The group even staged a protest outside New York’s Walter Kerr Theater where she is starring in ‘A Little Night Music‘ on Saturday. “Maybe she’s trying to get into character for an upcoming role as a serial killer – or a taxidermist.” Now that is mean. Other stars to make the organization’s list included singer Aretha Franklin, U.S. reality TV star Jill Zarin and singer-and-actress Jennifer Lopez, who was dubbed ‘Jenny from the butcher block’ for wearing fur. ‘How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days’ actress Kate Hudson – who recently split from baseball star Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez – also made the list. Describing Kate’s look, PETA said: “Kate, there’s no easier way to lose a guy in 10 days than by wearing a hairball. Maybe your furs are the reason why ‘A-Rod’ ran for home.” I guess PETA is not happy with anyone.

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Jennifer Garner pleasures a Dolphin

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Jennifer Garner Nude

Jennifer Garner Nude

Sexy Jennifer Garner once brought a dolphin to orgasm. The 37-year-old actress was researching a role for TV show ‘Fantasy Island‘, in which a dolphin turns into a girl, but admits the friendly mammal got a little too frisky. She said: “I had my feet dangling in the water, and the dolphin came and swam right over my foot. I thought, ‘That was so cool!’ The animal then started swimming around Jennifer’s leg until it all a bit too much. She added: “I said to the trainer, ‘I think the dolphin just peed.’ He said, ‘No, ma’am, no.’ ” Ewww, now that is so gross, the dopphin just shot his load on her leg, Yuck.

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Is sexy Hayden Panettiere back with Harry Morton?

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Hayden Panettiere Nude

Hayden Panettiere Nude

Hottie Hayden Panettiere has reportedly reconciled with an ex-boyfriend. The 20-year-old ‘Heroes’ actress was seen getting close to millionaire businessman Harry Morton – who she was first romantically linked to last July – at Los Angeles nightspot Teddy’s on Monday, where the pair stunned onlookers with their flirty behavior. A source told X17 online: “Hayden and Harry were hanging out at their table and fully together – no doubt.  “They looked like they were drunk and having tons of fun goofing off, drinking, and dancing. They were enjoying themselves and each other. “They sat really, really  close to each other and there was absolutely no personal space issue!  They were really into each other and left together at about 2:10am.” Hayden – who has previously dated her ‘Heroes’ co-star Milo Ventimiglia and British TV presenter Steve Jones – and Harry, 28, first sparked speculation they were dating last July when they were seen holding hands, but their romance didn’t last long and she was seen “looking intimate” with ‘Entourage’ actor Kevin Connolly just weeks later. The actress has previously admitted she doesn’t find men her own age attractive. More fun for her.

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Eva Longoria loves to eat

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Eva Longoria Nude

Eva Longoria Nude

Eva Longoria-Parker doesn’t like to diet. The ‘Desperate Housewives‘ star watches what she eats but does not stop herself from indulging in her favorite gut-busting Mexican dishes.
She said: “I am a big eater, but I do watch what I eat. I love to cook and just love Mexican food. It’s my weakness and any red meat, I just love it. “So I’d say Mexican food is my secret indulgence. I also love New York pizza and I just love Indian cuisine – the spicier the better.”  The 34-year-old actress, who is married to her hottie basketball player Tony Parker, owns a Mexican eatery named Beso in Hollywood, California and has another restaurant in Las Vegas. Eva also revealed she doesn’t do a lot of exercise to retain her sexy trim physique. The added: “It’s mostly weight training or kick boxing. I have this amazing high for adrenalin. It agrees with me. Your body is a vehicle and you have to take care of that vehicle.” Click Here to see naked pictures and videos of Eva.

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Sexy Evangeline Lilly not sure how ‘Lost’ will end

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Evangeline Lilly Nude

Evangeline Lilly Nude

Evangeline Lilly was born in Canada, plays Kate Austen in Lost, a sweet but mysterious femme fatale who’s torn between good (Jack) and evil (Sawyer). The actress – who plays fugitive Kate Austen in the long-running drama – is currently filming the show’s ending but is clueless about the fate of the characters. She said: “I honestly have no idea what happens. They don’t tell us anything. I probably won’t know until I sit down and watch it with everyone else.” Evangeline, 30, also has no idea if Kate will pick Sawyer or Jack Shephard – played by Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway – to end their ongoing love triangle. She added: “How it ends up, we really don’t know. They’ll probably have Kate choose both of them!” Evangeline recently revealed she nearly turned down the role of Kate in ‘Lost’ because she thought the script was poor when she first read it. She said: “I kind of didn’t want it. I actually said, ‘That seems like a really (expletive) script’. Because we never saw the entire script, just little pieces. “It was a plane crash on a desert island, I thought, ‘Oh give me a break.’ ” Lilly had just a handful of small roles before getting her big break in Lost and the actress has since been nominated for a Golden Globe. She will also star in the indie film, The Hurt Locker, expected for release this year. Click Here to see nude pictures and videos of Evangeline Lilly.

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Rachel Uchitel was insulted on the “The View”

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Rachel Uquitel

Rachel Uquitel

Rachel Uchitel is threatening to sue the ladies at “The View” — or at least one of them — for suggesting she’s a hooker.

Gloria Allred, lawyer for Tiger Wood’s alleged mistress number1, is pissed that Joy Behar joked on the show today, “Yeah, you-ka-tell she’s a hooker.”

Gloria says the statement was false, defamatory and highly offensive — and hurtful, too.

Allred says Rachel is “not amused” because “she values her reputation and her reputation has been damaged…”

Gloria wants a retraction, or else. It is not her fault that the shit has hit the fan and in such a fashion. She was flattered and pampered so how would you react if you had been in her Manolos? Stay tuned this saga is far from over.

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