Jennifer Garner pleasures a Dolphin

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Jennifer Garner Nude

Jennifer Garner Nude

Sexy Jennifer Garner once brought a dolphin to orgasm. The 37-year-old actress was researching a role for TV show ‘Fantasy Island‘, in which a dolphin turns into a girl, but admits the friendly mammal got a little too frisky. She said: “I had my feet dangling in the water, and the dolphin came and swam right over my foot. I thought, ‘That was so cool!’ The animal then started swimming around Jennifer’s leg until it all a bit too much. She added: “I said to the trainer, ‘I think the dolphin just peed.’ He said, ‘No, ma’am, no.’ ” Ewww, now that is so gross, the dopphin just shot his load on her leg, Yuck.

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