Kim Cattrall is without a date and alone

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Kim Cattrall NudeKim Cattrall claims acting “consumes her life” so much she can’t hold onto her relationships. The ‘Sex and the City‘ actress – who split from chef Alan Wyse last July after five years together -finds it hard to find love with anyone outside of her profession but hasn’t given up hope of settling down one day.
Kim, 53, said: “It’s very hard for someone not involved in this business to really understand what it’s about. “You work 12-hour days, and something like a series literally consumes your life. Although she keeps challenging herself in her acting career, Kim says sticking to the character she is best known for – man-eater Samantha Jones in ‘Sex and the City‘ – would be much easier. Admitting she is nervous about her upcoming starring role in London play ‘Private Lives‘ opposite ‘Pride and Prejudice‘ actor Matthew MacFayden, she added: “Sometimes I think why do I have to do these scary things? It would be much easier just to play Samantha for the rest of my life. “You’ve been looking forward to working with this director and these actors and this play and then it comes and you think, ‘Oh, (expletive)!’… Like, ‘Oh no! It’s here!’ You very much feel the blood coursing through your veins.” She loves to act and keep busy. Click Here to see naked pictures and videos of Kim.

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Sexy Evangeline Lilly not sure how ‘Lost’ will end

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Evangeline Lilly Nude

Evangeline Lilly Nude

Evangeline Lilly was born in Canada, plays Kate Austen in Lost, a sweet but mysterious femme fatale who’s torn between good (Jack) and evil (Sawyer). The actress – who plays fugitive Kate Austen in the long-running drama – is currently filming the show’s ending but is clueless about the fate of the characters. She said: “I honestly have no idea what happens. They don’t tell us anything. I probably won’t know until I sit down and watch it with everyone else.” Evangeline, 30, also has no idea if Kate will pick Sawyer or Jack Shephard – played by Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway – to end their ongoing love triangle. She added: “How it ends up, we really don’t know. They’ll probably have Kate choose both of them!” Evangeline recently revealed she nearly turned down the role of Kate in ‘Lost’ because she thought the script was poor when she first read it. She said: “I kind of didn’t want it. I actually said, ‘That seems like a really (expletive) script’. Because we never saw the entire script, just little pieces. “It was a plane crash on a desert island, I thought, ‘Oh give me a break.’ ” Lilly had just a handful of small roles before getting her big break in Lost and the actress has since been nominated for a Golden Globe. She will also star in the indie film, The Hurt Locker, expected for release this year. Click Here to see nude pictures and videos of Evangeline Lilly.

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