Model Kate Moss to become ballerina

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Kate Moss nude

Kate Moss nude

Kate Moss is set to become a real-life ballerina. The hot supermodel is working on a piece with legendary ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov for a short film by famous choreographer and director Michael Clark. The 36-year-old beauty – who famously pole danced in a music video for The White Stripes and is very well known for her partying lifestyle – has been taking private lessons with Michael and will undertake an intense three-month training regime before filming begins in July. Michael believes the duet between Kate and Mikhail – who played Carrie Bradshaw’s Russian boyfriend Alexander Petrovsky in the ‘Sex and the City‘ TV series – will be fascinating to watch because of their different backgrounds. The source added: “Baryshnikov is a beautiful man but he is in his 60s so you don’t ask him to jump really high or do this or do that. It will be interesting because it will be about them. In Michael’s eye as a film-maker, the movement of the camera dances already by itself. It will be an extremely interesting collaboration and the film will be the result of the dance.

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Kim Cattrall is without a date and alone

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Kim Cattrall NudeKim Cattrall claims acting “consumes her life” so much she can’t hold onto her relationships. The ‘Sex and the City‘ actress – who split from chef Alan Wyse last July after five years together -finds it hard to find love with anyone outside of her profession but hasn’t given up hope of settling down one day.
Kim, 53, said: “It’s very hard for someone not involved in this business to really understand what it’s about. “You work 12-hour days, and something like a series literally consumes your life. Although she keeps challenging herself in her acting career, Kim says sticking to the character she is best known for – man-eater Samantha Jones in ‘Sex and the City‘ – would be much easier. Admitting she is nervous about her upcoming starring role in London play ‘Private Lives‘ opposite ‘Pride and Prejudice‘ actor Matthew MacFayden, she added: “Sometimes I think why do I have to do these scary things? It would be much easier just to play Samantha for the rest of my life. “You’ve been looking forward to working with this director and these actors and this play and then it comes and you think, ‘Oh, (expletive)!’… Like, ‘Oh no! It’s here!’ You very much feel the blood coursing through your veins.” She loves to act and keep busy. Click Here to see naked pictures and videos of Kim.

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