Rosie Huntington bares all in Thomas Wylde’s new ad

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Rosie Huntington nude

Rosie Huntington nude

Sexy BRITISH model ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY proves she’s an ambitious girlĀ  after upgrading her life in more ways than one. She appeared on Teen Vogue and Vogue Nipon, and has appeared in campaigns for Burberry, D&G, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Clinique and Abercrombie & Fitch amongst many others. She is featured in a new ad campaign for Victoria’s Secret. Rosie dumped TYRONE WOOD, the son of the ROLLING STONES’ RONNIE, and is now dating KYLIE’s ex, OLIVIER MARTINEZ. It’s not hard to figure out what the handsome French actor saw in the model, who is half his age. Rosie Huntington bares all in Thomas Wylde’s new ad

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Lady Gaga went topless for Q Magazine

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Lady Gaga Topless
Lady Gaga Topless

Super sexy Lady Gaga posed topless for the cover of British music magazine Q where she addressed the rumor that she is a hermaphrodite and whether or not she considers herself a true lady. The ‘Bad Romance‘ singer – who has been dogged by speculation she has had a sex change or has both sets of genitals – can understand where rumors she is a hermaphrodite have come from and plans to make fun of them in an “artistic” way. The 23-year-old star said: “We all know that one of the biggest talking points of the year was that I have a d—, so why not give them what they want? I believe in certain institutions: cooking, serving dinner, taking care of my family. So I consider myself quite the lady.” “I also carry myself onstage in a masculine way and sing in a low register.  Come on, come see me try to persuade everyone to let me wear a penis.” She just want to have fun on stage and is very entertaining.

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Julia Roberts says, “to take your top off for Valentine’s Day”

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Julia Roberts Naked

Julia Roberts Naked

Sexy Julia Roberts has advised women to strip off on Valentine’s Day. The 42-year-old actress – who has three children with her cameraman husband Daniel Moder – thinks the most romantic way to celebrate the occasion is to go out for dinner, have a drink and then “take your top off”. Sounds like fun to me. Julia became a love relationship adviser when a woman asked for tips on how to make sure her boyfriend spoiled her on the romantic holiday. In response, Julia said: “Wow. Can we at least dim the lights? “Okay, wait a minute. How long have you been with your boyfriend? Do you have sex with him? “You’re the one that brought it up. You opened Pandora’s box! Where’s the problem? We can fix this!” The woman replied: “He keeps saying I’m a bad planner.” However, Julia was convinced she had found a solution to suit both sexes perfectly.
She said: “Make a nice dinner reservation now, because that’s the biggest night out of the year. Have a nice glass of wine, and take your top off! I think it’s a recipe for success.” We should all follow Julia’s advice. Click Here to see naked pictures and vdeos of Julia.

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